About Port Rowan

Port Rowan is a town in Norfolk County,Ontario on Lake Erie, adjacent to Long Point. 

This lakeside community has a population of 1,192  people and sports a number of traditional small business, in addition to a growing retirement population. 

Every Labour Day weekend, the town throws its annual Bay fest.

It's proximity to Long Point, a major bird flight-path, and World Biosphere Reserve, makes Port Rowan a popular destination for bird-watchers.

Some of the few remaining stands the old growth Carolinian forest that were present all over Southern Ontario can be found near Port Rowan.

Marinas and trailer parks in the Port Rowan area offer everything from birding, boating, fishing, sailing and camping, to winter ice fishing. 

Numerous accommodations are available in the area. 

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About Long Point

Long Point is a sand spit and medium-sized hamlet on the north shore of Lake Erie, part of Norfolk County in the province of Ontario, Canada.

It is the largest erosion deposit formation in the Great Lakes, created by water-borne sediments swept eastward and deposited in part along an underwater glacial moraine. 

Habitats on and surrounding Long Point include woodlands, sand dunes and bluffs, marshes, ponds, meadows, beaches and lakeshore. The complex is the largest biophysical formation of its kind in the Laurentian Great Lakes of North America.

It is about 40 kilometres long and is about a kilometre across at its widest point. 

The Long Point National Wildlife Area was designated as a World Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO in 1986.

Lake Erie lies to the south of Long Point, and Long Point Bay lies on the north side comprise. The bay is subdivided into the Inner Bay and Outer Bay by a line that runs between Turkey Point to the north and Pottohawk Point to the south. 

Some of the towns along the bay's north shore include Port Rowan, Turkey Point and Port Dover. Long Point is north of and across the lake from Erie, Pennsylvania.

Eco-tourism also forms an important part of the local economy. The year-round population of Long Point is about 450 people, but the population increases in summer months when cottagers and campers visit. 

Long Point is a popular destination for boating, swimming, fishing, waterfowl-hunting and canoeing, attracting between 100,000 and 300,000 visitors each year.

Long Point is the location of an Ontario provincial park, Long Point Provincial Park, a popular destination for day visitors and campers. North of the peninsula lie four islands classified as Lake Erie Islands: Ryerson's, Second, Snow, and "Millionaire's Island", which is a collection of cabins located southwest of Ryerson's Island.


About the Gallery

The Gallery Art Bistro displays and sells fine works of local art and souvenirs featuring original and Shauna P reproductions.

They are a licence facility offering  wine beer and spirits, high end cappuccinos, lates, hot chocolates and teas. 


We are not a restaurant but do have a small selection of high end nibbles.

We host open mic on Thursdays  7-10 with Kristopher Wren and rotating  Karaoke  and open mic every Friday 8-11

Every Friday and Saturday afternoon we offer free amazing local entertainment.  Please keep an eye on our Calendar of events.