About Shauna


About Shauna

About Her Work

About Her Work

Shauna was born in Canada and spent most of her life in beautiful Cambridge Ontario.

From an early age she maintained a passion for art and music.  

After working in her family business for a few years, Shauna returned to school and pursued a ten year career as an award winning Advanced Care Paramedic. 

A work place injury required that Shauna retire from paramedicine. She returned to school and studied business and marketing at WLU and Conestoga College. 

After working in the corporate world for a few years, Shauna decided it was time to follow her life long dream to work as a fine artist, full- time. 

Shauna began by selling her work at local events and at St. Jacobs Famers Markets. She immediately had an overwhelming, positive response to her artistic style and to the work she was producing. 

After selling at the market for over a year, while simultaneously developing a line of retail product lines featuring her paintings, Shauna has now decided to take the next step in her art career and open her own Gallery Bistro.


About Her Work

About Her Work

About Her Work

Shauna receives most of her artistic inspiration from her love of nature, animals and music. She is also a performing pianist and aspiring composer. 

Shauna is an avid photographer and the majority of her paintings are reproductions of her photography. 

Some of her artistic influences include Native and Inuit artwork, The Group of Seven and Salvador Dali. 

Shauna descrives her work as a complex and flowing composition of simple line structures complimented with a unique blend of colour combinations. She enjoys naming her paintings as much as producing them. Often the painting names are whimsical and entertaining, as is seen in one of her most well known series "Live Bait". This series highlights colourful tree frogs playing various instruments. 

Her goal when creating any piece is to allow line and colour patterns to create a stimulating yet peaceful feast for the eyes.

The majority of her work is created using ink pen and watercolour paints. She has recently began experimenting with using mixed media including injecting some enamel paint into her pencil sketches and watercolour paintings. 

The key to Shaunas success has been her ability to marry her marketing knowledge with her creative talents. This has resulted in the development of product lines featuring her work  that appeal to a large and diverse demographic. 

Shauna has made great strides over the last 3 years developing her painting style and technical abilities as a professional painter and fine artist. 

It is true that practice makes perfect, this can be seen in the progression of Shaunas work between 2014 and 2018. 

Shauna is continuing to grow as an artist. Every new piece she creates surpasses her previous work. Shauna releases new paintings approximately every 4 months, so keep an eye on her coming soon page. This is where she displays new work that will be next for release to print. 

Shauna gladly accepts commissioned work. This includes landscapes, animals, portraiture, band and business logo development.