Now Open and Licensed.

We have a licensed bar and trained baristas, serving local roast specialty coffee.


Big city entertainment in a wee little town on the water.Our Amazing Local entertainers constantly impress. See our Events Calendar details.

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Pick your fav's and tell me where you would like me to put them! 

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About Shauna


My work reflects my lifestyle. 

The world is a beautiful place.

Wanna see it through my eyes?

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Custom sizes and prints are available. 

Please allow 2 to 3 weeks for 

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We sell original art,  limited edition prints, clothing, Gallery Souvenirs,  fine pottery, quality Jewelry, stain glass, wood work, beaded skulls, and rock sculptures.

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instagram as  Shaunap123

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"The Port Rowan Buzzed"

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Shauna P. Fine Artist

1027 Bay Street, Norfolk County, Ontario, Canada

(519) 212-5549


Sunday 11am to 3pm

Thursdays 11am  to 3pm

Friday  9am-11pm  

Open Mic/Karaoke 7pm-10pm

Saturday 11am to 3pm 

Hours will expand based on demand. 

Please contact us with your requests. 5192125549

We will open our doors and arrange entertainment for bookings of 10 or more.  

You can reserve the entire space at no charge for bookings of 20 or more. 

All proceeds go directly to the artists.

Please phone or text the above number to purchase tickets.

I would LOVE to hear from you!


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